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High-quality valve-based amplification has a smooth, organic quality that ordinary solid-state amps can’t match; yet for many people the price tags can seem prohibitively high. PrimaLuna amps are designed to bring this magical, effusive sound quality to a more affordable price point, without compromising on build quality or performance. Clever features like PrimaLuna's Adaptive AutoBias circuitry – which makes it easy to switch valves without the amp breaking stride – add further value, ensuring PrimaLuna products are the epitome of 'affordable high-end' audio.


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PrimaLuna EvoLution Series

PrimaLuna EvoLution Series

Valve-based audio component range
From £2,198 to £4,598

PrimaLuna upgrades its entire range with 13 new models – the EvoLution Series.

PrimaLuna ProLogue Eight

PrimaLuna ProLogue Eight

CD player

Valve amp specialist PrimaLuna has created an extraordinary CD player at an extraordinary price.