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A perfect PR campaign: mainstream lifestyle exposure backed up by audio awards

How we succeeded by engaging all media sectors with a lifestyle audio product carrying serious design heritage

KEF had collaborated with renowned designer Ross Lovegrove before, on the MUON stereo loudspeakers, an incredible feat of luxury audio design that retails for £140,000 per pair. Now looking to collaborate again, this time on a much more accessible product, they hit upon the idea of MUO, a stunning portable Bluetooth speaker made from a beautiful piece of extruded aluminium, and KEF’s ingenious audio designs that would make it head and shoulders the best portable on the market.


  • To fuse the attractive lifestyle design features of the product with its peerless audiophile heritage and performance, into a single compelling narrative that would perform across media sectors.
  • To narratively link MUO with its luxury design forbear the MUON (£140,000), giving media a unique angle with which to describe the product.
  • To emphasise the uniqueness of the product, developing the idea of the ‘luxury portable’ to give MUO’s market positioning a compelling narrative.


Success was instant, and remained consistent. A five-star review from What Hi-Fi? on the day of launch set the tone for the campaign: a large number of five-star reviews and awards followed, including a 2015 What Hi-Fi? Award. Lifestyle and mainstream coverage was sought and achieved throughout, with MUO being featured in the UK’s two best-selling Sunday newspapers, to a combined audience of over ten million, as well as full-page features in top-tier tech publications WIRED, T3, Telegraph Luxury, and many more. Christmas gift guide coverage was also strong. A total online readership so far of 589,000,000 and an overall print readership of 24,500,000 is testament to the success of the campaign’s strong strategy and implementation.


589m Total Online Readership
24.5m Total print readership
  • Over a thousand social shares
  • Strong reviews in the UK’s two biggest-selling Sunday newspapers
  • Multiple awards and five-star reviews throughout the lifestyle, consumer tech, and specialist audio media
The MUO story was pitched as a luxury portable, and thus
as a serious design piece that doesn't cost the Earth
Several new finishes were created during the campaign,
which we used to create seasonal and bespoke lifestyle coverage