High performance communications

Tech’s hall of fame

We work with some of the most venerable and long-standing technology brands, responsible for world-changing innovations

Hashstar is privileged to work with some of the world’s original technology brands, companies that have been innovating in consumer electronics since the early years of the 20th Century.

Loewe, for example, was founded in Berlin in 1923 and played a critical part in the invention of television, conducting the first public demonstration of a TV broadcast way back in in 1931. (Pictured above is a Loewe production line from the 1930s.)

Luxman is one of the world's oldest high-performance audio brands, founded in 1925 – the year that Japanese radio broadcasts began. Then there's Wharfedale, perhaps Britain’s most famous loudspeaker brand, formed in 1932. And Quad, the UK’s original high-end audio company, which made its first product in 1936.

We work with many other tech companies with decades of experience at the top their game – brands like KEF, Krell, MartinLogan and Sonus faber are renowned worldwide for making products widely acknowledged to be among the finest of their kind.


  • Working with venerable brands of such age and high repute brings its own opportunities, and challenges. Press and public opinions are often already formed, based on acquired knowledge – which may, or may not, be accurate. Our role in these cases is to deliver communications that reference the past, promote the present and point to the future.
  • We tell of clients’ achievements, both past and present, with clear and compelling narratives. We meticulously build exciting and compelling brand stories, emphasising a rich legacy whilst ensuring new product developments are central to the story.
  • We ensure that landmark achievements are widely acknowledged, conveying key messages and generating widespread coverage – from features covering the brand story to reports about current products – across a broad spread of influential media.
  • Hashstar ensures that even the most well established brands are relevant to audiences today and equipped for growth, now and in the future.


1931 the year our client Loewe delivered the world's first ever demonstration of a TV broadcast
1932 the year our client Wharfedale was first founded
  • On average, we reach for Loewe every year:
  • 20m national paper readers and 18m lifestyle magazine readers
  • 14.5m specialist technology publication readers
  • 30m online readers
Our client Loewe played a critical role in the invention of television
With our help Quad is still going strong, having made its first
product in 1936