High performance communications

We specialise in creative campaigns for
the purveyors of high-tech luxury

We execute awe-inspiring multi-platform media campaigns for some of the most desirable technology and lifestyle brands on Earth

Hashstar is led by two Managing Directors, both of whom are the ex-editors of award-winning consumer technology publications. Our passion is for world-leading hi-tech engineering and cutting edge, state-of-the-art design. We feel incredibly lucky to work with so many brands we admire; brands responsible for some of the most some sublime, original and technically innovative product designs in the world.


  • The premium audio brands we work with illustrate the point. The appeal of luxury audio is akin to any other upscale product group, like watches, cars or haut couture. There is pleasure and pride in owning an exclusive brand, revelling in the craftsmanship and supreme, unerring quality apparent in every finely honed detail.
  • Hashstar’s directors have been working with products like these for years. We know how to communicate their virtues to every branch of the lifestyle media, and journalists know that we handle the very best in the business. Both lifestyle and technology journalists trust our knowledge and the recommendations we make; that’s why they keep coming to us for product suggestions whenever they’re looking for something fabulous to adorn their features with.


  • There are numerous examples of state-of-the-art product design in our portfolio, from £10,000 amplifiers to £200,000 loudspeakers. We help these extraordinary products to achieve the attention they deserve, from prestigious awards bestowed by experts in the field to mainstream media coverage in print, online and in broadcast media. We put these products in front of millions of potential customers, through our excellent range of contacts, and our ability to communicate with engaging passion and knowledge.
  • Among communications agencies, we are the specialists in high-tech luxury. It’s in our DNA, because perfection is our passion.


177 the number of products currently represented by Hashstar priced at over £10,000
59m the average number of high-net-worth consumers engaged by our media coverage each year
The immaculately crafted Sonus faber Aida loudspeaker – handmade in Vicenza, Italy
The signature front-mounted meter on Dan D'Agostino amplifiers is inspired by fine Swiss watches