High performance communications

It's not just a product, it's a story

In a crowded marketplace you need a talented, driven communications agency to create the narratives that will drive your business

We live in a world of stories. Today's consumers are both smart and sceptical, requiring that the products they consider adding to their lifestyle should be framed by highly sophisticated messages, encoding an attractive and coherent set of brand values that speak directly to them.


  • You need to win your customers over with smart, appealing narratives that understand and speak to the way consumers live today. And that means having precise, creative and nuanced control over the messages you communicate throughout all four dimensions of PR content – paid, earned, shared or owned.
  • That's where we come in. We represent our clients across all traditional and digital PR platforms, and have a team of highly experienced and respected creatives, able to satisfy any content demand a client has, whether it's advert or website design, cross-platform content marketing, video production, social media management or note-perfect brand assets written by top copywriters.
  • Whatever a client's needs, we create innovative and engaging narratives that contribute directly to the business's success, raising brand awareness and putting the key products and narratives in front of large numbers of potential customers, thus driving sales.


  • We’re the only agency run by two former editors of award-winning consumer-facing technology publications. As well as ensuring we approach our work with a wealth of expert knowledge, this enables us to fully understand a journalist’s point of view and develop strategies in line with pressurised media environments. Our collective experience in the publishing world gives us – and our clients – a tremendous competitive edge.
  • We work with clients from all over the world, including Europe, Asia and the USA, to deliver highly effective UK-based media relations and communications services.
  • Our agency structure delivers a deep and diverse pool of experience, knowledge, skills and abilities into which clients may dive. In addition to our media relations service, clients can harness our expertise in content creation and marketing, social media strategy, copywriting and much more, creating a bespoke media solution.
  • It all adds up to a communications agency that’s refreshingly different from the norm. We offer an exceptional level of specialist knowledge and experience, coupled to a comprehensive service that expands well beyond specialist boundaries. Hashstar delivers the best of all worlds – and the results speak for themselves.


42 the total number of years Hashstar’s two Managing Directors have been working in high-level media
971m the number of consumers we reached on behalf of our clients last year, across print, digital and online media
  • Strategic thinking: we devise multi-platform PR campaigns, and work effectively with in-house teams and other agencies to deliver seamless large-scale marketing executions
  • Creative content: we have a large team of creatives whom we engage as per our clients' needs to create powerful, engaging content. These include highly respected and experienced designers, art directors, copywriters, social media managers and video producers
We played a central role in the collaboration between Dolby and Ministry of Sound, delivering major coverage, brand-building and hospitality wins
We represent some of the world's most innovative and desirable tech products, building narratives to spark interest around the globe