High performance communications

Media events: putting your brand in front of the influencers that matter

Entertaining and directly engaging the media with branded events, press lunches
and face-to-face meetings is an essential part of top-class PR.

From VIP hospitality in the world’s most famous nightclub to organising press trips to China and Berlin, at Hashstar we know that great media relations require top-quality events and entertainment.

Whether conducting one-on-one briefings, VIP press lunches or large events, we pride ourselves on knowing what individual journalists enjoy and making sure they also have a nice day while learning about the latest high-performance tech story.


  • We have nurtured close relationships of many years' standing with the top lifestyle and technology journalists in the UK. When we host an event, they know we will strike just the right balance between slick, effectively communicated information and an enjoyable social experience.
  • A press event, just as much as a press release, media pitch, social media post or advert, needs to embody and communicate the feel and tone of your brand. We are well-versed in the nuances of matching every detail of an event – from the city to the venue, from the music choices to the menu – to the brand narrative you want to communicate to the media and the public.
  • Hashstar events are F.U.N. We meticulously manage every element of our events to ensure your brand is effectively represented and its messages brilliantly communicated – and, just as important, fondly remembered by our guests.


PRODUCT showcases for clients to display new designs in front of high-value media and influencers
VIP hospitality at the legendary Ministry of Sound nightclub
  • Private briefings for editors and senior journalists at exclusive venues
  • Group media lunches in London to pitch stories and drive coverage
  • Press trips: entertaining journalists abroad, anywhere in the world
We entertain media VIPs at some of London's top
members clubs and nightclub VIP rooms
We treat media guests to a wide range of events, from working lunches to going out dancing in the world's top clubs