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Founded in 1934 by Harold Joseph Leak, pioneering British hi-fi manufacturer LEAK was a mid-twentieth century trailblazer in the field of high-performance audio equipment.

LEAK has been responsible for many technological firsts. For example, the Point One series of valve amplifiers (1945) were the first to reduce total harmonic distortion to 0.1 per cent, and the ground-breaking Trough-Line FM radio tuner (1955) is still considered one of the finest FM tuners ever made. LEAK’s Sandwich speakers (1961) heralded true-piston cone action by sandwiching polystyrene foam between outer skins of stiff aluminium foil. And the Stereo 30 all-transistor amplifier (1963) spearheaded the use of transformerless transistor output stages over then-standard transformer-coupled designs, thus paving the way for future solid-state amps.

Following a 40-year hiatus, LEAK – now part of the International Audio Group alongside Audiolab, Luxman, Mission, Quad and Wharfedale – has launched two new audio components: the Stereo 130 integrated amplifier and CDT CD transport, fusing retro design, classic analogue engineering and the latest digital technologies.


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LEAK Stereo 130 and LEAK CDT

LEAK Stereo 130 and LEAK CDT

Integrated stereo amplifier and CD transport
£799 and £549

One of the biggest names of the mid-twentieth century British hi-fi scene, LEAK is back with its first products for more than 40 years – the LEAK Stereo 130 integrated amplifier and LEAK CDT CD transport.